Money doesn't exist on quite the same scale for Tiger Woods that it does for the rest of us (novelty checks at the supermarket aside), but even for a global endorsement behemoth, $10 million is a significant deposit in the old savings account.

Nevertheless, we can't help wondering if Woods is so much of a competitor that he'd trade the $10 million he won for finishing second Sunday in the Tour Championship if it meant displacing Phil Mickelson at the top of the leaderboard?

Sure, there's some shaky logic behind the question -- namely, if Woods had beaten Mickelson over four rounds at the Tour Championship, he would have won the $10 million FedEx Cup loot anyway. But it's not as if golf's playoff system makes much sense in the first place, so what's one more leap of logic?


This result sort of epitomizes these two in my mind. Mickelson has stretches where he is an absolute wizard out there...but only stretches; Tiger is consistently superior.

-- atomicdog52

While I'm happy that Tiger won the Fed Ex cup, i'm beginning to think that the Tiger with the killer instint is gone.

-- Tune7

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