Not to belabor the Brett Favre thing (who are we kidding), but it was undeniably striking to see him line up opposite the green and yellow of the Packers. It was strange to see Michael Jordan wearing a Wizards uniform for the first time. It was odd to watch Roger Clemens wearing a Blue Jays uniform ... and increasingly less odd to see him sign on the dotted line for the Yankees and Astros. But none of those situations changed an entire league the same way Wayne Gretzky did when he donned a Kings sweater for the first time.

ESPN Films' "30 for 30" series comes to life tonight (ESPN 8 p.m. ET), with acclaimed director Peter Berg's documentary (click here to listen to Berg's podcast visit with Bill Simmons) on how the Great One's trading Stanley Cup glory in Edmonton for Los Angeles affected both his career and the NHL itself.

Meanwhile, on the ice, the Kings opened this season by losing to the Coyotes. Then again, the Coyotes won each of their last three season openers when Gretzky was behind the bench. It was the other 81 games that seemed to give the team trouble.


It's not like the Coyotes are as weak as they have been. They kinda WERE BUSY during the off-season as far as signings go. It's not like they spent the whole off-season in the courtroom, THEY DID MAKE SIGNINGS. And some damn good ones at that. The Kings are a potential playoff team, but there's no shame in losing to the 'Yotes at this point.

-- stl_iceman

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