As a public service, we present the hour-by-hour weather forecast for Columbia, Mo., tonight. The short version: wet with a chance of more wet.

In a season in which Miami has three big wins and is back on the fringes of the top 10, Washington stunned USC and Michigan looks competent, it only seems right to have Nebraska back in the national mix. Then again, if you listen to SportsNation voters, the Cornhuskers may have a tougher challenge ahead of them than any of their formerly elite peers. And SportsNation blogger McGill the Irish Fish doesn't think Nebraska will stamp its revival with a win on the road tonight.


It's supposed to rain all day/night in Columbia. It's going to be ugly. I think Nebraska has an advantage with the rain. Mizzou will have to stick to the run more, and they haven't been very consistent with the run.....

-- sgbmatt

Heres the deal, Im going totally realistic on this one. The only way Mizzou has a chance is if NU beats themselves. Like at VT, too many flags at bad times cost them that one. Turnovers have also plauged NU the last couple years. If (and only if) that happens, Mizzou has a chance to hang in the game.

-- nor311

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