Matt Holliday hit .353 with 13 home runs and 55 RBIs for the Cardinals in 63 regular-season games this season. He hit a home run in the top of the second inning against the Dodgers that gave his team a 1-0 lead Thursday. And now he may rank somewhere behind Sean Payton, Dan Gladden and Bill Bidwill on the list of most popular sports figures in St. Louis.

Holliday's ninth-inning, two-out error gave the Dodgers new life and paved the way for their eventual 3-2 win. Holliday said he lost it in the lights. Adam Wainwright suggested it might have been the nefarious white towels fans in Dodger Stadium were waving (in Los Angeles, we would have thought the red glare of brake lights from fans beating traffic would have been a bigger issue). Either way, his name now lives in infamy ... sort of.

But given how much of a role he played in getting the Cardinals to this point, and how utterly humiliating an error it was, would you rip Holliday if he played for your favorite team?


It's not all matt holidays fault, he hit a homer and with 2 outs in the 9th missed a semi-routine play. So what, your closer should be able to turn around and get the next guy out, all he had to do was get two guys out... Which brings up the next point, matt kemp did the same exact thing by hitting a homer early and later making a foolish mistake in the 9th of game 1. But the difference was broxton cleaning up the mess before it got out of hand.

-- capraco

All Wain-O was doing by talking about the towels was protecting Holliday... if anyone could've dragged the ball club into finger-pointing and dissention... it was Wain-O... but he didn't... he blamed the towels... the inocuous towels... that's a class-act of a team-mate... bc you know he wanted to punch Holliday in the gut for that drop.

-- partofwhatswrong

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