Perhaps it was a Saturday on the college gridiron that produced little drama, capped by an aesthetically-challenged showdown between Florida and LSU, but SportsNation is ready to put some heads on pikes as the week begins. We can sort of understand the angst when it comes to Bobby Bowden, whose loss to Georgia Tech brings Florida State that much closer to trading places with South Florida as the Ringo Starr of Florida's top four programs.

But Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis? Haven't the Longhorns scored at least 34 every game this season?

nunyabiz81: "What do the "experts" expect FSU fans to do -- accept that the team is and will be mediocre until Bowden decides he's ready to move on? Because every single one of them sound like that is what they expect and that if FSU fans are not okay with that they're crazy. You know, one of these days, when I watch/read these guys, I would like one of them to address the questions of 1) what they think should be the purpose of football to fans and 2) why they think fans should support emotionally and monetarily teams that either lose all the time, are average all the time or were once topnotch but now are not." Read the full post.

AustinBrando: "This leads back to Davis and his ineptitude. The only time in Davis' tenure at Texas that the Longhorns have been able to really excel (bowl wins notwithstanding) was when a transcendental talent shirked Davis' conservatism and made plays happen organically. Davis is a perennial handicap for Texas. The only reason his uber-conservative "play it safe and force offensive stalls" garbage survives is because Texas recruits amazing TALENT." Read the full post.

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