It's not that the Dolphins didn't have a passing game in Monday's win against the Jets. Chad Henne completed 20 passes and put balls where even Ted Ginn Jr. couldn't drop them. Heck, Ronnie Brown had half as many completions as the Browns' Derek Anderson did Sunday. But it's not images of Chad Henne that are casting doubts on SportsNation's contention last week that the Jets were the eighth-best team in the league. (Even if 77 percent of SportsNation is convinced Henne is the guy the Dolphins can build around).

No, Monday's lasting image was Rex Ryan's vaunted defense getting pushed around, specifically by Ronnie Brown, Ricky Williams and the Wildcat offense.

So what's a more miserable way to spend three hours watching football -- knowing there's nothing your defense can do to stop a guy like Peyton Manning from picking you apart through the air or watching Brown and Williams (or Adrian Peterson -- did we mention he's chatting today at 12:15 ET?) churn up yards and clock?

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