When we think of the Big East, we still think of images like the one over on the right. And we know we're not alone -- well, we might be the only ones still thinking about Zendon Hamilton. Before the start of football season, SportsNation was somewhat split on whether or not the Big East was even better than the Mountain West. And even when this month began, 57 percent of voters said the Big East would not have more than one ranked team by season's end.

But judging by the buzz in SportsNation, Thursday's showdown in Tampa has the attention of football fans.


being realistic, playing against WVU, Pitt, and USF is HARD to win all three in one year. I say UC will lose to one of them. just a dice roll on who gets the upset.


Upper '80's with high humidity. UC will have most of their team on IV's by halftime. Looks like another easy one for the Bulls.

-- kwelch1962

Brian Kelly is one of the best coaches in the country, in my opinion. He took D-2 GVSU from nothing to the national championship, and CMU from the basement to being a contender. The bulls are at home, and that's great...but they won't get anywhere against these guys unless they're on their game tonight. USF: 24-23

-- raysfan1978

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