Bear with us for just one minute, but we've always wanted to use this phrase:

Out on the frozen tundra of Gillette Stadium, the Patriots brought a blizzard to bear against the hapless Titans.

OK, we're good. Maybe the field in Foxboro was more slushy than frozen, but the part about the Titans being hapless? Totally true. How else would you describe a team that let up five passing touchdowns in one quarter and couldn't manage even a field goal on offense? It's not a good week in Tennessee, but the fans in New England are having flashbacks to 2007. It's a long way from Brady's jitters against the Jets, which had so many in the Bay State concerned (although the Jets suddenly have problems of their own).

Of course, Drew Brees may have had an even better day. Though he didn't set any records, Brees threw for four touchdowns against a team that's nearly the polar opposite of the Titans. For one, until the Giants met up with the Saints on Sunday, they had won all their games. Might Brees' performance be more impressive than Brady's, given that the Titans have practically given up? All we know is that for all Brady and Brees' heroics, Matt Schaub leads the league in touchdowns. Weird game, football.

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