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Terrelle Pryor If Terrelle Pryor could choose again, where would you tell him to go?
Ohio State's quarterback has been in the news all week. Would he have been better off going to Michigan out of high school?

NBA What do you think of NBA players fighting in the preseason?
The Celtics and Cavs, warming up for their battle in the East this season, brawled in their final preseason game.

Oakland Raiders What do you think of Richard Seymour's Raiders playoffs prediction?
Oakland is 2-4 but only one game out of the wild-card chase. Despite the coach and quarterback turmoil, Seymour is confident in his teammates.

football What do you think of a showy two-point conversion in a blowout?
QB Will Briscoe completed a behind-the-back pass for a two-point conversion against Zachary in a 58-0 romp in Louisiana high school football.

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