Bob Gibson once struck out 17 batters to beat a 31-game winner. Sandy Koufax once pitched a shutout on two days' rest. And Don Larsen had a nice start of his own. But we're guessing most of you don't have perfect recall of those gems. Christy Mathewson pitched three shutouts in six days to win the 1905 World Series, but if you watched that effort with the same eyes that are reading this, well, kudos to you, sir or madam.

For most of us, Cliff Lee's complete-game, 10-strikeout shutout in Game 1 of the World Series -- at Yankee Stadium against the team that led the sport in runs scored this season -- was a standard of pitching rarely seen with our own eyes.

So while we're not asking you to break out the Ken Burns DVD and rate it against the best performances in the history of the sport, was Lee's win the best you've ever seen?


cliff lee is like a dentist performing a root canal on the yankees...

-- jgc711

Lee's performance in this game was no different than his performance in any other game this post-season. ... No, this was not the best game of his career and if you listened to him afterwards it was just like any other game to him. The guy is a rock and doesn't know the word fear.

-- loupinconnu

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