On the eve of Brett Favre's return to Lambeau Field, SportsNation was a house divided. Will Aaron Rodgers ever escape his predecessor's shadow? Slightly more than a third of voters said he eventually will. A similar percentage said he never will. In only a single, solitary state did the largest block of voters contend Rodgers already has escaped Favre's shadow.

We're guessing Wisconsin might feel differently this morning.

For the second time this season, Rodgers put up solid numbers against the Vikings. And for the second time, it wasn't good enough to beat Favre. And as good as Rodgers has been this season -- the poor guy has the league's best quarterback rating -- SportsNation voters say the Packers would have a better record with their former quarterback.


Congrats, Brett! You deserve both victories and another run at the Super Bowl. Ted Thompson should be tarred and feathered!

-- Jager_61761

Aaron 'I cant beat Brett Favre' Rodgers is not even in the same leage as Brett Favre right now. I think he could be one day and do like him, but if he keeps getting beat up like he has been he will not make it another 2 years. Before we start compairing him to Brett Favre he needs to get us a winning seaon, he needs to get us to the playoffs.....that would be a good start dont you think???

-- Oshvegas15

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