Michael Vick didn't do much for the Eagles in Sunday's loss to the Cowboys, registering just a single rush for two yards. On the season, he's completed two passes for six yards and nary a touchdown. All of which puts him about one good drive away from matching Trent Edwards' quarterback rating.

Why do we bring this up? Because it's fun to throw Edwards, the guy SportsNation ranked behind Jake Delhomme, under the bus? Well, sure; there is that. But also because Tony Dungy (or as we prefer to think of him, the Dalai Dungy) confirmed before Sunday night's game that the Bills were one of the teams Vick spoke with in making his return to the NFL. Then, just in case the seeds of distraction weren't properly watered, he poked a hole in the dam and speculated the Bills might still be a good fit for Vick.

But is Dungy doing Vick any favors by putting this out there now?


Tony has proven that he is very "green" in the agent/consultant business. This type of speculative conversation hurts everyone . . . Tony, Mike, the Eagles, and even the Bills. Off season moves and decisions should be left to then.

-- bnicholasbrewer

I believe the Eagles will exercise their club option and only TRADE him. He's obviously a commodity and the Eagles took the brunt of P.R. hit for their decision to sign him originally. They aren't giving him up without a nice 2nd or 3rd round draft choice.


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