Well, don't all those people who mocked the Lions and the Browns feel foolish.

One of the great things about sports is a game like (very few) of us saw Sunday. If Ashlee Simpson and a Jonas sibling to be named later write a duet, you know it will have all the musical significance of a mouse belching. But put the Lions and the Browns on the same field and you can occasionally end up with a classic like the one that saw Matthew Stafford throw a touchdown on an untimed down to give the Lions a 38-37 win.

Stafford threw for 422 yards and became the youngest quarterback to throw five touchdown passes in an NFL game. And on a day when Joe Flacco threw a costly pick, Mark Sanchez couldn't stop throwing picks and Matt Ryan couldn't quite lead the Falcons to a much-needed win, it's enough to make him the hottest young quarterback in the league, if only for a week.


The Skins-Cowboys game that was shown early on Fox was a yawner and the Lions-Browns game was probably the most thrilling of the day, too bad no one outside of Ohio saw it

-- kjgreen

I don't understand why people bash Quinn? You can't say whether or not he'll be a solid NFL QB, he plays for the browns, they're a joke. Take Tom Brady and put him on the Browns and the Browns still lose a lot of games. They have no O-line, and no offensive weapons

-- illnos

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