Short being a teenage vampire (although he is almost still a teenager and he did play suspiciously close to Transylvania last season -- at least relative to any other current NBA player), it's tough to think of someone generating more buzz than Brandon Jennings. And there's a reason Stephenie Meyer didn't set her "Twilight" series in Milwaukee.

Kevin Durant could be headed for Team USA and an NBA scoring title. Derrick Rose is the reigning rookie of the year. But more SportsNation residents would pause the clicker to watch Jennings than either of the biggest stars to emerge from the 2007 and 2008 drafts. But give thanks; Jennings and Durant go head-to-head on ESPN on Friday night.

Have you caught the Jennings fever?

Jimmy (Seattle)

Adand"ay" - i saw your Around the Horn episode yesterday. Anyway, i had questions on the OKC Thunder. How much more improved to they seem to be, and where, in your mind, have they really improved the most? Is Kevin Durant a bona-fide star in the NBA yet, or does he have more to prove?

Greg (Portland)

Jennings point production gets most of the pub for Milwaukee's quick start. But it's his basketball IQ and work with Bogut that has been truly eye opening. With Bogut shelved for several weeks and Milwaukee going on the road, isn't this where we'll really see just how good Jennings is?

J.A. Adande
J.A. Adande

I'm throwing both of those questions in together because the same thing applies: in order to truly have cred in this league you have to carry your team to victories, then do it again in the playoffs. As dazzling as Jennings and Durant have looked, they have yet to do that so far. People forget, there were even questions about MJ before he started getting it done in the playoffs. Full transcript

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