Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams cost himself a cool $250,000 by giving the Bills the literal finger a few weeks ago (Bill Cowher was more suavely figurative in doing it when the Bills inquired about his availability). But Adams may have saved himself millions in future signing-bonus money for Sam Bradford by forcing Jeff Fisher to play Vince Young. All of a sudden, the Titans have their quarterback of the future and a playoff run in the present.

Young is now 4-0 as a starter for the Titans and looked downright Texas-like against the Texans, throwing a touchdown, running for 73 yards and successfully handing the ball to Chris Johnson. But how convinced are you that a guy who seemed on the verge of bust status is really the quarterback to lead the Titans into the future?

Travis (Nashville, TN)

With the recent improvement of Vince Young and only one year left on Kerry Collins' contract, how serious do you think the Titans will be at looking at QB's in the 2010 draft?

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders

Honestly, that depends a lot on how Vince Young plays over the next few weeks. After the trouble he has had, it's hard to see them passing up someone like Sam Bradford if he's there when they are drafting. But Young is played very well so far -- 25 percent better than an average QB, according to Football Outsider's advanced DVOA metric -- and if he keeps playing this well, it makes sense for the Titans to draft a QB in the third or fourth round as a backup and let Young try to take the reigns again. Full transcript

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