We're not sure what the Pilgrims would make of Jerry Jones (although we're guessing it would probably involve significant time in the stocks), but the Cowboys, Lions and Thanksgiving are about as intertwined as any three things in the American fabric. Granted, it would be nice if the Lions actually mattered in November one of these years, but hey, how would you explain Charlie Brown and the Chicago Cubs if loving losers wasn't part of our identity.

So as you settle back and break in a new notch on your belt, is it time for pumpkin pie and football to replace apple pie and baseball as national symbols? (Moms can stay).


I'm thankful that Dallas & Detroit still play on turkey day instead of 4 different teams every year. 2 cities that start with D, & 2 teams that wear silver, it's a match made in football heaven. Thanksgiving Day is about tradition, may the NFL never stray.

-- xrobologyx

I agree that Kyle field is all hype. The worst thing Bob Stoops ever did was stumble at Kyle Field after saying "It's just another field." While he won the game I'm talking about, he looked bad doing it. He was right, though... it's just another field. There's no magic, mystique, or hex on the field that makes it any more difficult to win there than it does at another field. I believe in home-field advantage, but the Aggies act like it doesn't exist anywhere other than Kyle... which is just one more ludicrous thing to add to the long list of Aggie misgivings.

-- miguelUT

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