It seems like just last week we talked about Vince Young as a franchise quarterback. It also seems like just the other day that Young led Texas on a last-minute drive to beat Matt Leinart and USC in the Rose Bowl. But Sunday's comeback top even his Pasadena heroics?

All Young did against the Cardinals was lead the Titans 99 yards in the closing minutes and cap things off with a game-winning touchdown pass to Kenny Britt as time expired.

Back in January of 2006, 57 percent of voters thought the Longhorns were done against the Trojans when they trailed 38-26 with just over six minutes to play. By the time Young was done that night, 57 percent also expected at least multiple Pro Bowl appearances out of his NFL career. But dating back to his first run as a starter in Tennessee, SportsNation has been slow to put Young in the company of NFL greatness -- or even goodness.

Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson stuck up for Young before Sunday's game, although even he might have been surprised by Young's prolific passing day against the Cardinals.

Mike (Boca Raton)

Does it make you chuckle that people are jumping on the Vince Young bandwagon just because they won a few games?

Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

No -- I feel like it is deserved ... to a degree. He has played VERY well. Played within himself. Has been much more accurate with the football than I ever thought was in him. Still incredibly dangerous with his feet and it makes playing man coverage against Tenn very tough to pull off. But-they are keeping it all very simple for him and this O will always be limited with him behind center. For example -- and this is a bad example since it worked out for Tennessee -- but on MNF, VY had to a lead a long drive to score late in the game. They got it done on runs from VY and Chris Johnson, but counting on the running game for big plays is hit or miss. Full transcript

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