Hubie Brown has the haircut, but Bobby Bowden may be feeling a little like Julius Caesar this morning. Bowden built Florida State's football program into an empire (does this make Notre Dame Gaul?), and then a bunch of behind-the-scenes powerbrokers decided it was time for him to go. At least the knives were only metaphorical this time. Et tu, Jimbo?

So did the Seminoles do all they could to accommodate an aging legend who didn't want to leave, or did they denigrate their own history by kicking him to the curb? When the season started, SportsNation picked Bowden's team to finish third in the ACC and ranked the Seminoles No. 21 in the nation (one spot ahead of Notre Dame, coincidentally). Perhaps the empire was crumbling, after all.


he didn't want to leave because everyone there believes they have a National Championship caliber team next year...especially on offense. Why do some of you people think Jimbo is not the answer? Look at the difference in the offense over the last couple of years. I think he'll do well. I just hope we get a good defensive coordinator to replace a legend in Mickey Andrews

-- scapehart

FSU should be ashamed of themselves. One of the greatest college coaches of all time and this is how he's being treated? Sure the last four seasons haven't been great but still, they should let his contract expire than to force his hand like this. I hope that FSU doesn't turn things around until 2020.

-- tmscfinest

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