Shaquille O'Neal thinks LeBron James could be a good player-coach in the NBA right now. We're fairly confident Joakim Noah disagrees. As for Mike Brown, Cleveland's currently employed coach-coach? Our guess is he agrees with James on this -- whatever James believes.

"This is just an opportunity for Shaq to put the spotlight back on him, make him seem unselfish, and hype up his team. Means nothing." -- SN commenter edwin.geinger

Yeah, we don't really have a good comeback for that. The truth hurts. But (there's always a but) since Shaq threw it out there, we at least find ourselves wondering if any player could successfully handle a double role. It wasn't all that long ago, sort of, that Bill Russell led the Celtics to a championship as a player-coach. And SportsNation has already made it clear they think NBA coaches matter less than in any other major sport. So could it happen?


Maybe the cavs should fire mike brown and hire lebron as player coach. Don't get me wrong I am a huge cavs fan. Its just a thought since all of clevelands championships with the exception of the browns have had a player-coach for the indians in both world series championship years with lou boudreau and tris speaker.

-- 23lebronjames

I guess LeBron can keep the basketball IQ. Kobe will keep his rings. lol

-- metalsiren00

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