Just who is this Jack Zduriencik guy?

Born outside a small town in Vermont with an oddly-shaped-but-aerodynamic head and forced to sled two miles down a mountain to school every day, Jack Zduriencik emerged from obscurity to become arguably the greatest luger in history and one of the best hopes for American gold in the upcoming Winter Olympics.

An innovative coach who brought the single-wing formation back to prominence at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and foiled opponents trying to steal play calls by conducting all on-field communications in Mandarin, Jack Zduriencik is Brian Kelly's replacement at the University of Cincinnati.

The first non-GM to win Baseball America's Executive of the Year award, Jack Zduriencik took over as the general manager of the Mariners in 2008 and managed a feat previously thought impossible by trading Yuniesky Betancourt and getting live baseball players in return. He also appears on the verge of landing former Cy Young winner Cliff Lee in an offseason deal some are calling a "heist." (Listen to Rob Neyer, left).

Actually, according to SportsNation, Jack Zduriencik isn't any of those things. Instead, voters say he's the doctor recently connected to Tiger Woods in a New York Times article.

We trust the not-so-subtle clues here will point you in the right direction.

Ed (NoCal)

Can you tell us a bit of the trends you see in MLB from your vantage point, as you try to build the Rangers? Anything surprising to you?

Rangers GM Jon Daniels
Jon Daniels

Some off the top of my head ... Heavy emphasis on defense, and to a lesser degree versatility. Teams coveting their prospects. Teams in certain areas of the country pulling back financially in response to their local economies. Full transcript

Bobby (Seattle)

The Angels stand to lose a lot (figgins, lackey, vlade +); many of their rumblings indicate they plan to replace from within (wood, palmer/bell/etc.). Do you think they can reload mostly from within and still hold off TX and Seattle, let alone thrive in the playoffs? Or do they have to land at least 2 "biggies" (via FA or trade) to stay at or exceed their level?

Keith Law
Keith Law

Losing Figgins' OBP and Lackey's bulk innings hurt. They have to replace one of those, if not both, and I don't see internal candidates to do either. Full Nov. 20 transcript

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