Sam Bradford's loss apparently didn't dissuade Jake Locker. And now Locker's decision may be Bradford's gain.

Despite watching Bradford suffer through an injury-plagued season after passing on the NFL draft last spring, Locker will remain the University of Washington's starting quarterback next season. That's instead of potentially trading that title for a similar role with the Rams, Browns or any number of other woeful NFL teams. Back in September, SportsNation didn't think much of Locker's draft stock, rating him behind not only Bradford and McCoy but also Jevan Snead. But by last week, voters put Locker right with Bradford, McCoy and Jimmy Clausen.

So did the draft just lose its best quarterback prospect, or was Locker just a nice bonus to a class that still includes McCoy, Bradford, Clausen and Tim Tebow?

Ray A. (San Francisco, CA)

Didn't Jake Locker (UW QB) see what happened to Sam Bradford last year? Why is he not entering the draft?

Len Pasquarelli
Len Pasquarelli

Jake had a lot of people advising him, including former NFL QB (and close friend) Hugh Millen, a former Washington player. I think they convinced Jake that another year under Sarkisian would benefit him. As for injuries, we're betting, sir, that Bradford is still a No. 1. Probably not as high as he should have been, but a No. 1 nonetheless. Full transcript

Ryan (Medford OR)

Do you think Jake Locker made the right decision to stay in school?

Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper

Yeah, I do. I've been saying this for the last couple of months. He needs to make the Cal game a regularity. More consistent week to week. The fact that he was out all the year before, this will give him a chance to put two years back to back. Next year, he'll have a shot to go into the draft process with some momentum. He could be the No. 1 pick overall, and also be prepared for the expectations and scrutiny for the NFL. Full transcript

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