Back during the depths of summer, we called on names like Bo Jackson, Sam Bowie and Sterling Sharpe in speculating on Yao Ming's basketball future. As it turns out, between the Rockets' two most recognizable names, he might have actually had the rosier outlook.

Yao won't play until at least next season, but will that be sooner than Tracy McGrady dons the uniform again after the team gave him a leave and will reportedly try to trade him?

When McGrady returned to the active roster recently, 56 percent of SportsNation said he wouldn't play a significant role this season. That majority may have included Rockets coach Rick Adelman, but it didn't include the aging (former?) star. He only turned 30 last spring, but with all the NBA miles already on the odometer, are we watching an Iverson-like frustrated farewell?

Oh, and those Rockets that 54 percent of SportsNation predicted would fall out of the playoff mix? They seem to be doing just fine at 18-13 entering tonight's game against the Hornets.


I'm sick of his "me first" act and his inability to stay healthy. When the team wanted him last season he decided he'd try micro-fracture surgery against team wishes. Then the team is in the playoffs and he predicts they'll lose...he was still a member of the team, whether he believed it or not you don't predict your team will lose.

-- Atreyeu

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