Brett Favre overcame Minnesota's special teams behaving like a sieve in order to get the Vikings to OT, but it just wasn't enough in the end. A fumble by Adrian Peterson ultimately gave the Bears the victory and the Saints home-field advantage.

Fans from teams with playoff hopes across the country watched and reacted as the Vikings fell to 11-4 after a 10-1 start.


That is why I have always believed that AP is not a Top RB. Fumbling!

-- Luke4083

As a Saints fan, I would like to personally thank AP for the homefield advantage throughout.....hopefully now the Saints can get their act together and make use of it and not get knocked out.

-- Hot_pick2

Favre wasn't on special teams and that's who lost the game for the Vikings. Favre kept them from getting blown out.

-- god_of_modesty

Vikes O-line folded like a house of cards.

-- YANK33 PL4N3T

Dear Chicago Bears,
Thank you for beating the Vikings. Your efforts wouldn't be wasted.
Eagles Nation

-- PADR123

How much fun is it to see a team spoil/affect the playoffs by playing their butts off, as opposed to the Colts, who give one to the Jets, to save Peyton on Saturday and a few other starters from getting boo-boos before the playoffs?

-- gravyboat63

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