With a half a dozen major sports going on at once between pro and college, not to mention holiday plans, it's not easy to stay on top of everything. Heck, barely half of SportsNation has watched a bowl game yet, and who would want to miss Marshall and Ohio? All right, bad example. But it's a tough juggling act, which is where the Daily Dime comes in each morning. Like the Spurs, it means we don't have to show up until the NBA playoffs start.

Anyway, shameless plug complete, yesterday's Dime had a particularly compelling trio of statistical feats that, let's face it, most of us probably would have missed.

Actually, we were a little surprised Zach Randolph is still in the league, let alone the first player since Shaquille O'Neal in 1993 to total as many as 141 points and 91 rebounds in a five-game span. But is that more impressive than Rajon Rondo doing something only Larry Bird and Bob Cousy had done before for the Celtics, or Monta Ellis suffering through more minutes in a Warriors uniform than should be allowed? Vote at the end of the post.

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