All right, it's still technically called the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, but with no disrespect to either Nebraska or Arizona, there's one very big reason for fans outside of those two states to tune in tonight (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET). And it has nothing to do with which team gets to keep its place in the top 25.

Tonight's game is all about the name everyone in America is quickly learning to spell: Ndamukong Suh.

The AP Player of the Year, an honor with which SportsNation fully concurred, Suh looks like an NFL dream. And while we sympathize with Nebraska fans dealing with separation anxiety when it comes to their cornerstone, how about the moral dilemma confronting Rams fans this week? With the No. 1 pick in the draft there for the taking, in a manner of speaking, are they permitted to root against their own team and for the rival 49ers Sunday?

tyler (spartanburg, sc)

from what you hear around the league, is there any chance ndamukong suh doesn't go first in the draft?

Len Pasquarelli
Len Pasquarelli

Only if pigs fly, sir. Early to talk draft, but Suh is generally viewed as one of top five DT prospects in 20-25 years. Full transcript

Bert (Nebraska)

What scenario would have to take place for Suh not to be picked first?

Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper

St. Louis would have to think about QB. Do they opt for the QB over the DT? Remember Gerald McCoy is an outstanding player at Oklahoma. He was considered a top player last year. I have Suh No. 1 and McCoy No. 2 on my Big Board. The best player on the board would be the DT over the QB. Right now, Clausen's at 4 and Bradford at 5. Bradford could move ahead of Clausen after the medical comes back. The only thing that moved him down was the injury. If the shoulder checks out OK, then I think he jumps back into the early first round mix. The decision will be Bradford or Clausen, or Suh or McCoy. This is a team that hasn't exactly struck gold with the DL draft picks. Or you trade off of that first pick and you think about QB in that 4, 5, 6, 7 range. Full transcript


people seem to think Suh is the only D we got. Lol, keep believing that.

-- gotbiggreddNU

Both teams have Top 25 defenses but Arizona also has a powerful offense that can put points on the board quick. On paper Arizona is the more well rounded team and should win. I know this is a PK game and the spread is even, but every analysist that has predicted the score has Arizona on top. And I'd have to agree!

-- ArizonaWildcat2727

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