Fresh off trying to replace Manny Ramirez at Fenway Park, Jason Bay has reportedly agreed to move to the Mets to try and lift the sagging fortunes of a franchise playing in a new stadium that turned David Wright into a facsimile of Placido Polanco. At some point, Bay is going to start miss the joys of anonymity in Pittsburgh. Then again, anonymity doesn't pay the bills -- assuming you have $66 million in bills.

The Mets opened last season No. 10 in SportsNation's Power Rankings. By the end of the injury-marred mess of a season, they sat at No. 26. But last week, even before Bay signed, voters bumped the team back up to No. 18. Hope springs eternal when you have Big Apple money to spend.

Only 30 percent of voters think Bay is worth his new contract, but is he the best addition thus far among position players?


(Dec. 17) Keith, love the chats! Would the Mets be better off avoiding both Bay and Holliday, and saving the cash to spend next winter when better free agents will be available? Odd are they won't be competing this season, with or without Bay/Holliday.

Keith Law
Keith Law

I'm afraid that's probably suicide for Omar. Full transcript


So, the Mets outbid themselves to get a guy who will put up David Wright-like power numbers of last year. The difference is Wright can play the field and hit over .300. At Citi Field, Bay is not worth $66M.

-- ipotnyc

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