On the same day when the most obvious Hall of Famer in the news, Randy Johnson, started the countdown clock toward his arrival in Cooperstown, Andre Dawson got the nod to start prepping his speech for this summer (good luck topping Rickey Henderson) after one of the more contentious waits this side of Jim Rice.

And perhaps even more surprisingly, Roberto Alomar won't join him, despite feeling as confident about his chances as he looks above.

The initial shock of Alomar's miss aside, voters didn't have a lot of confidence in any of this year's first-time candidates getting in on the first try. Here is how SportsNation sized them up last month.

We saw yesterday that names may trump numbers when it comes to Dawson and Tim Raines, but how much did the spitting incident forever attached to Alomar's name hurt?

ross (ky)

Larkin a HOF? Concepcion was by far the greatest SS during the decade of the 70's. He should be in if Rizzuto, Reese, Aparicio are in

Rob Neyer
Rob Neyer

I don't go in much for the "best X of the decade" argument, Ross. Was Larkin really the best shortstop of the 1970s? But does that make him a Hall of Famer, or an accident of history? I'm not saying you're wrong about Concepcion, but I'd have to be real sure about his defense. And I'm not there yet. Full transcript


The spitter doesn't belong in the Hall. He's not even close to Ryno in terms of fielding or hitting. And off the field, that's a joke. I'd have to agree with Clemson96; if Murph keeps being brushed aside, this new generation of cheaters deserves nothing. Remember, these are the guys that ruined statistical baseball and the game itself!

-- mrzonk

Alomar was good, but not as good as Sandberg, as a player or person. If Ryne couldn't get in first ballot, Alomar better not, either. I'll never go to the Hall again if he does.

-- vweaver69

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