More voters think Alabama will win tonight's game by double digits than think Texas will win by any margin. The best defense? It's as big a landslide as you'd expect on "Mount Cody." And let's face it, everyone likes to cheer for a winner.

So why, exactly, are so many people cheering for Texas, even as they pick Alabama to win?

Maybe Saban is more likeable than Bill Belichick, but the guy isn't exactly a Rex-Ryan-sized bundle of joy. Almost two out of every three voters thinks Saban is a better coach than Mack Brown, but who would you rather play for?

Chris (Houston)

[W]ould you like to explain to me the fascination with Saban's abilities over Brown's, given their head to head matchup and bowl records?

Big 12 blogger Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin

I'm just saying that Saban's talent level with Brown is more equal in this game than ever before. Muschamp will be an X-factor for the Longhorns because of his knowledge of Saban and his program. Full transcript| Big 12 blog

Tom (Austin, TX)

Long time Bama fan in the heart of Longhorn country. Chris, have you ever seen two NC teams more respectful of their opponent before the game? You can sure tell that Saban and Brown have both been to this rodeo before.

SEC blogger Chris Low
Chris Low

Almost too respectful. It's been sort of odd seeing everybody play so nice after Oklahoma and Florida went after each pre-game a year ago. I do believe that Saban and Brown have a deep respect for each other. Full transcript | SEC blog

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