Coming off four losses in a row to close 2009 and begin 2010, including back-to-back losses against the Cavaliers, the Hawks were reeling. John Hollinger had a simple message as the Hawks prepared for three in a row against the Celtics, Magic and Celtics again.

Jon ((ATL))

ATL didn't come out of that back-to-back with CLE too well. How will they survive BOS/@ORL/@BOS in the span of 72 hours?

John Hollinger
John Hollinger

They better win at least two if they want to maintain contact with the East's upper crust. Hawks were playing as well as anyone in basketball up until two weeks ago but have lost their mojo a bit of late; last night's scrimmage against New Jersey should help boost morale and they've done well historically against both Boston and Orlando (not so much against Cleveland), so they have a chance to emerge in decent shape. Full transcript

Mission accomplished, with wins in both games against the Celtics (we won't mention the blowout loss at Orlando). But the best sign the Atlanta Hawks may just be for real this season? Even Cavaliers fans now consider them a threat.

Almost two months ago, we asked if the Hawks were legit. A healthy majority of voters, 57 percent, gave them the nod of approval. Ohio was one of the few states leaning the other way. But now? Even the Buckeye State sees a four-team race in the East.

Erik (Atlanta, Ga)

Are the Hawks standing pat or is there a move out there they can make?

Chris Sheridan
Chris Sheridan

If they could do a move along the lines of Marvin Williams-Antawn Jamison which would give them a better shot of getting out of the 2nd round, I think they'd [do] something like that. They need an upgrade somewhere more than they need an extra piece. Crawford is the extra piece they were missing. Full transcript

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