Another shock hit the college football world as Lane Kiffin has left Tennessee after just one season to fill Pete Carroll's shoes and become USC's new head coach. This is not his first stint with the Trojans, as Kiffin was with the university from 2001-06, first as wide-receivers coach and then as offensive coordinator.

Is Lane Kiffin the right man for the job? Is the USC job a better opportunity than the Tennessee job? And how will this all affect Tennessee?


I get the move, and I think it will be a decent one for USC... but what a total lack of integrity from Lane Kiffin. Just pathetic.

-- mgoblue0708

USC job > UT job.

-- AZBears63

I hate UT and USC (USC more so), but they are getting what they deserve. At least they got the right man though. Obviously neither one of the two are scared to be on probation. A match made in heaven.

-- MyCall336

As a Tennessee fan - I'm mad as hell. But in the long run, this is probably best for TN. Kiffin ... alienated folks all over the SEC including TN people. Now the Vols are in a pickle at the height of recruiting. And who does Tennessee hire?

-- freakin_hoss

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