A lot of people are seeing red about Lane Kiffin ditching orange after just one year in Knoxville to take the top job at USC. Pat Forde breaks out the Paris Hilton comparison when it comes to Kiffin taking his 12-21 career record as a head coach to his third high-profile job in three years. But this isn't just a media thing. SportsNation blogger Budro490 puts into words how more than 60 percent of voters apparently feel.

But is Kiffin really the most egregious offender of the coaching community this winter? Not only did he bolt for a job SportsNation rates third in the nation behind Florida and Texas -- he waited until after his team played its last game to do it. So which is worse: Kiffin bailing on the Volunteers after one year on the job or new Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly bailing on his Cincinnati team before its bowl game against Florida?

Jose (Tucson)

Ted, obviously the Carroll news will have a ripple effect throughout the PAC-10. But who is most likely to benefit from those waves? I'm a life long Arizona fan and endured the Carroll dominance over the PAC for a while. Now that UA is showing signs of progress (we'll forget the Holiday Bowl), can Arizona turn that corner they had thought they turned already with the absense of Carroll or will it not make much of a difference?

Pac-10 Blogger Ted Miller
Ted Miller

Folks who like parity are most to benefit, if USC does slip post-Carroll. UCLA gets the biggest bump, but schools on the rise like Arizona, Oregon, Oregon State and Stanford also could jump into the void. The question is can a team or teams ride that into the top-10 and get the conference more than one BCS spot? Full transcript

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