Blake Griffin tried to escape the Curse of the Sacred Buffalo, and the Sacred Buffalo showed him. In case you haven't heard, the No. 1 draft pick from Oklahoma (and predicted savior of basketball for Clippers fans everywhere) is out for the season. That's right -- done, finished, caput -- without ever stepping foot in a regular-season game.

With this troubling early omen, do you think Blake Griffin will live up to his No. 1 draft pick potential? Almost sixty percent of SportsNation said yes, although whether he'll do it with the Clippers is up for debate.

When it's all said and done, which career will Blake Griffin mirror the most? No. 1 Clip-pick Danny Manning or No. 1 Clip-pick (*gulp*) Michael Olowokandi? Vote below.


Being drafted by the Clipper (B.Griffin, M.Olawkandi, B.Benjamin, S.Livingston, D.Manning) is a worse jinx than the Madden Cover Curse (B.Sanders, S.Alexander, R.Lewis, M,Faulk) and the Campbell Soup Spokesman Jinx (D.McNabb, M.Faulk, L.Johnson). When you sign with any of those guys, your career is on borrowed time!

-- Grown Man Talk

He never had a chance. I'd play for half as much money somewhere else before I'd play there.

-- norrisou3

So crazy. I was born and raised in LA and still live here, and I have NEVER cared about the Clips. Year after year its "they got a squad this year" and then miss the playoffs. Whats so weird is that they seem to be cursed, but for no reason! Most curses come from something. This one just is; no explanation needed.

-- twizzle163

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