For at least a couple of generations of SportsNation, Billy Sims is that loud guy (Boomer!) who stood behind Sam Bradford at the Heisman ceremony two years ago. But for some, he's still the guy who starred at Oklahoma and then made the Pro Bowl after rushing for 1,303 yards and 13 touchdowns after the Lions made him the No. 1 overall pick in the 1980 draft. If you don't remember that part, it's because he was out of the league by 1985.

Needless to say, Clippers fans hope their former Oklahoma star follows a different path.

Sims is part of an exclusive club, even if it's one nobody wants a part of. Some No. 1 overall picks just can't cut it in the pros (we're looking at you, JaMarcus). But others fail to live up to their potential for reasons beyond their control. So scanning the last 30 years, which No. 1 picks would have ranked highest in the pantheon of all-time greats if not for injuries?

Rank 'Em: Which No. 1 overall pick would have enjoyed the best injury-free career?

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