SportsNation simply likes Shaquille O'Neal. Forget the rap albums, the horrible movies, the declining skills and the trading in of superstar sidekicks the way some people trade in movies with Netflix. Forget that he's been front and center in our consciousness long past the usual sell-by date for popularity. We just like him.

The day after Shaq become the fifth player in NBA history to score 28,000 career points, check out how his approval rating compares to some of the game's biggest stars.

But unlike another aging peer with longstanding popularity, Brett Favre, Shaq doesn't appear to be helping his legacy much at this point. He's only the third center to score 28,000 points, but is he one of the best centers of all time?

Rank 'Em: Is Shaquille O'Neal one of your top five centers of all time?

Josh (Cleveland)

J.A. - on a personal level, if you were (God forbid) a Cavs fan, where would you stand on the potential trading of Z? On the one hand, the man has redefined "loyal" (we can only hope LBJ is 1/10 as loyal as Z). On the other hand, doesn't Ferry owe it to the fans to do whatever is necessary to improve the Cavs' chances of winning it all? Even if it means trading a close friend and the most loyal athlete Cleveland will probably ever know?

J.A. Adande
J.A. Adande

More than Bernie Kosar? I'm not a Cleveland guy, so I'm not sure how they'd rank. I'm guessing Kosar. But if you could get Jamison, I'd do it. Shaq has been playing pretty well lately, so I don't think you need Z as the insurance as much anymore. And if you're a long-suffering Cleveland fan, I'm guessing you would trade your own mother if it could get you a championship Full transcript

Gabe (NY)

i know how [Kansas center Cole Aldrich] is falling on draft boards because he isn't getting as many touches, but he is like a more athletic version of Brook Lopez. Come draft night do GMs really take unproven "projects" over a defensive big man who knows how to really play? Aldrich goes #3-5 or I quit even watching nba basketball--its nonsense..

Chad Ford
Chad Ford

I don't know if he's falling, he's stayed pretty steady at No. 7 all year. However, more and more GMs are questioning the "size matters over everything else" mantra that has plagued the league the last 15 years thanks to Hakeem, Ewing, Robinson, Shaq and Yao. More and more teams are going small, playing up tempo and looking for mobile big guys who can get up and down the floor. So players like Aldrich aren't quite as valuable as they used to be. That said, I'd be shocked if he wasn't a Top 10 pick. Full transcript

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