What's the most important injury news in the New Orleans sports scene? For the moment, SportsNation says it's the ankle injury likely to slow the guy chasing Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the Super Bowl. But fans in the Big Easy could wake up Monday (or, say, Wednesday if the Saints win) feeling a little blue about facing a month or more without Chris Paul.

Paul reportedly needs knee surgery that will keep him out of action for at least a month -- not good news for a Hornets team that woke up Monday clinging to the final playoff spot in the West. And if you listen to some in SportsNation, it could be bad news beyond a month.

Carl (England)

Using the mock draft/lottery tool and with a 0.6% chance the Hornets came first and took John Wall. Tell me, if this happens...do the Hornets get rid of Chris Paul?

Chad Ford
Chad Ford

I don't know. It was the toughest scenario I had to deal with. I do think they could play together, but they could trade the No. 1 and get a substantial haul in return or, I guess they could trade Paul. But as much as I love Wall as a prospect, I'm not sure he's Chris Paul. Full transcript

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