Only 25 percent of SportsNation believes Reggie Bush's NFL career has lived up to the hype. But senior national columnist Gene Wojciechowski writes that Sunday's game is a chance for him to escape the shadows of both Mario Williams, the guy picked ahead of him in 2006 and Kim Kardashian, Bush's celebrity significant other.

Frankly, it seems like we all have a lot invested in two people who haven't done a great deal of note in their professional lives. But that's about to change. Perhaps not the part about them accomplishing anything, but definitely the part about our investment in them.

Billions of dollars are wagered on the Super Bowl, including all those quirky proposition bets. And one of the more popular floating around this year? How many times Kardashian will end up on television (the over-under is 2.5).

Getting the over to come through may take a big day from Bush, more likely if you think the longest scoring play in the game will come on a touchdown rather than a field goal (like, say, a punt return) or that the Saints and Colts will pile up more points Sunday than LeBron James and Kobe Byrant. If you can think it, you can probably bet on it.


Reggie Bush is a product of "over expectations"... but who can blame us? What he did at USC was incredible. Although "stats" wont always be there, Reggie brings a "presence" that MUST be accounted for ... on EVERY play. Reggie is an "outside the tackle" guy. His strength lies in "open space"... not "between the tackles". If used correctly, Reggie Bush, is worth EVERY dime.

-- bleedzorange1977

this is a contract game for bush. if the offseason is uncapped he can get cut easily. if he wants to be a top dollar guy he needs to produce big, but then again the saints front office is one of the smartest ones out there. they will do the right thing.

-- donkeyfacekillah

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