West Virginia fans have a lot to cheer about when it comes to Bob Huggins and the men's basketball team. Entering tonight's rivalry game against Pitt (ESPN 360, 7 p.m. ET), the Mountaineers are ranked No. 6 in the nation and own a 17-3 record.

But it's the specifics of what the fans, at least some of those in the student section in Morgantown, were cheering about during Saturday's win against Louisville that has everyone else talking. Namely, Rick Pitino's personal life, in the form of a chant consisting of the name of the woman the Louisville coach admitted to having a sexual encounter with outside his marriage.

And that was the subject matter after a school official sent students an e-mail asking them to tone down their act after microphones in place for a nationally televised game against Ohio State Jan. 23 caught profanities flying out of the student section.

So where do you draw the line between acceptable, even creative and amusing, heckling that creates a home-court advantage and a lack of class that tarnishes a school's image?


I love how soft we've gotten. Fans can't be fans anymore. Next they're gonna want these kids to put their fingers over their mouths.

-- big13cyp

Being classy or classless is a choice. Since if the students and adults in the stands of WVU games choose to act this way it is obvious they have made their choice -- and by choice will not stop. If the WVU administration and higher ups really cared THEY would put a stop to it. All it would take is when they start, for the game to be halted until they stop -- within a brief time -- a minute. It fhey don't issue a technical. Once they start losing a ton of games, have their own players and coaches pissed off at them, THEN they might realize that disrespect is NOT what the athletes on the floor are interested in.

-- uldn

I'm all for showing more respect, but like I said, since when have people respected WV? No matter what we do, people will still call us names and derogatories. WVU fans and people from WV take enough hell as it is. WVU getting respect is a losing battle, no matter what we do to look classy, we wont get any respect. The truth hurts, but thats just how it is.

-- wvueersfan09

Freedom of expression comes with a responsibility to express with respect, not tarnish that freedom with stains of filth flying from our mouth. Whe we do that to each other we tear the very fabric that makes our freedoms valuable.

-- Spirit_of_Competition

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