The big news for Golden State last night came when Monta Ellis left the game with a knee injury in the fourth quarter of the Don Nelson Classic, otherwise known as the Mavericks and Warriors. Early reports had the injury as a sprained knee with an MRI pending. But while we wish Ellis the best, we'd be lying if we said that's why we're interested in the leading scorer on a 13-37 team.

We're all about the trick shots.

Cameras captured Ellis draining an over-the-shoulder shot from the opposite free-throw line before Monday's game (it's about 30 seconds in on the video below).

That's a heck of a shot, but was it even the best H-O-R-S-E shot in his repertoire? If you remember, or if you need to refresh your memory, Ellis also drained an over-the-shoulder shot from the tunnel on the side of the court, about seven or eight rows deep in the stands. So which gem do you fear Ellis breaking out if you find yourself trading shots?

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