It's one thing for the Yankees and Red Sox to generate interest when they're fighting for first in the AL East or for Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin to make hockey relevant as they lead championship contenders against each other. But when a game pitting an unranked team with a losing ACC record against the No. 7 team in the nation inspires people to trade more than 1,400 taunts, predictions and observations, you know you've got a rivalry.

Sorry, but that's not happening for Providence and Georgetown.

Despite the fact that North Carolina may be heading for oblivion, it's still a big deal when Duke comes to visit (ESPN, 9 p.m. ET). In fact, if you listen to SportsNation, it matters almost twice as much as when Michigan and Ohio State meet on the gridiron.

Beau (State College, PA)

Whats your prediction for tonight's Duke v. UNC game? UNC is slumping BUT it's Duke, and Duke has really struggled on the road.

Andy Katz
Andy Katz

North Carolina needs to win. If the Tar Heels don't win this game, of all games, then the NIT may even be a reach. They may really stumble down to an abyss the rest of the season and head toward the CBI or CIT. Full transcript


I would say that UNC will have to shoot over 50% for the game to win due to their problems with turnovers. That being said a couple teams have done that to us this year, like Wisc, NC ST, and Georgetown, all losses. We have to defend and get a lead. When UNC has fallen behind this year they have struggled to regain composure, or have had to expend so much energy that they have nothing left at the end.

-- kurtamiller2

I really hope unc doesnt come out and play their best game of the year, but i have a strange feeling that it might happen and i am for some reason legitimately concerned with this game. But oh well, that's what happens in this rivalry. Anything can, and probably will happen...

-- BluDevil16425

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