The questions surrounding Tiger Woods' affairs aren't about to go away any time soon, but the embattled golfer may have put some of this scandal behind him with a public statement today.

SportsNation has been weighing in on the scandal since the beginning. Even when the entire thing seemed like a simple case of bad driving, an ever-so-slight majority of fans wanted to know more. It's interesting, then, that as more details were released, the mood of SportsNation veered between squeamish and rubbernecking.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this whole scandal was just how quickly Tiger Woods fell from grace. Long perceived as an intensely private man who was all business, Woods saw the messiest aspects of his personal life splashed across the front page for all to see. At first fans thought he wouldn't be tainted by the scandal, but as time went on (and more mistresses were revealed), SportsNation changed its tune.

The sum total of Woods' public comments about this scandal was only 13 minutes, but the effects will be measured in the upcoming months and years. Will he play golf again? Can he ever get back to his championship form? Will this scandal forever taint his image? Only time will tell. For now, all we have are his words -- and your opinions.

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