In a shocking upset that hasn't occured since 1960, the USA ice hockey team has beaten Canada.

Before Sunday night's thrilling Canada-USA hockey duel, 75 percent of SportsNation said the USA would medal, but wouldn't win gold or silver. But after tonight's stunning upset, has your opinion changed of Team USA? Vote and discuss below!


No doubt the Canadians have more talented players... but they are a joke of a TEAM compared to the US. The US is a legit TEAM and it will take a great TEAM to win the Gold and I'd say they are on their way to it if they can play with the same edge they played with tonight.

-- phxcardinals80s

Some of you on here act like they won the goldmedal. They won but there is along way to go. The Russians czechs and swedes are good.

-- royhobbs785

Miller WAS huge in this game, to be sure! ESPECIALLY in that 3rd period! Could the other guys have made the saves he made? Who knows? All moot, now. This was a good TEAM effort for USA.

-- IlliniDave68

This is like Canada beating USA at football.

-- Datsyuk_for_President

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