We all saw this one coming. In the most shocking news of the day that was pretty much expected sooner or later, the Chargers have released 30-year-old LaDainian Tomlinson after nine seasons with the team.

Does the NFL's single-season TD record holder still have anything left in the tank? Would you want your team to take a chance on him as its feature back? And which team is the most logical next destination for LT? Vote and discuss below!


This is not going to help San Diego in the short term. I am a big fan of Sproles, but no way he can handle the entire load of an NFL season. In a complimentary role, LT still has a lot to offer and could help the right team make a deep play-off run ...

-- rytgersjaffoII

LT has had a great career. He has high mileage and should retire while he can still walk away from the game...

-- aggiesbeathornets

LT will land on a playoff contending team and compliment a stellar offense! I'm sure Boltz fans will miss him though. One of the class-of-the-game- guyz!

-- JazC74

He wants to go to a contender, he won't be in Cleveland. Pats maybe. Seattle? Naaahhh.

-- gomichst8