What do Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio State, Duke and Illinois have in common? Each was ranked No. 1 in the first poll released in March in the last five seasons, respectively. And unless we missed something, not a one of them won the title in that season (although at least the Tar Heels got one the next season). So there you go; there's the explanation for every team at the top of the polls seemingly pulling a Michael Spinks to get out of the way of the No. 1 ranking. Or maybe it's just college basketball.

Syracuse inherits the top spot in the coaches' poll after Kansas, Kentucky and Purdue all lost over the weekend. But the real question is whichever team you would rank No. 1 right now, which team would you bet the farm on to go all the way in the NCAA tournament?


I think all year that SU and KU have proven to be the best two teams in the land. No offense to UK, but the schedule you guys played just doesn't warrant being in the conversation. A lot of talent, but no one to test it against. I believe that will bite them in the NCAA's. I truly hope SU and KU are on opposite sides of the bracket so there is the potential for a 2003 Rematch in the Finals. GO ORANGE #1!

-- mastroleo80

Chris (Washington, D.C.)

What would Georgetown have to do to secure a 2 seed?

Joe Lunardi
Joe Lunardi

I think that ship has sailed, Chris. Full transcript

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