Syracuse must have been on top of the world after finally gaining the No. 1 spot last week. Finally, the Orangemen could enjoy being the top dogs for an extended period of time, like their brethren in Kansas and Kentucky. Now, just to take care of Louisville, and ...

Oh man, that's rough. Fortunately, they only fell to No. 3, so it's not like the voters have abandoned them completely (one guy even kept them as No. 1). They're in the catbird seed for a one-seed, but out of the next few teams, which would get your pick as the final top pick?


I wonder what genius kept Syracuse as their #1...

-- marchphog88

Justin (New Jersey)

Hey Jay, who do you think is gonna be that last number 1 seed after kansas st. and duke losing last night. Joe lunardi has it as kansas state? but they just lost by 17 to kansas!!

Jay Bilas
Jay Bilas

Duke has more top fifty wins, if that is your cup of tea. I go with the best team. There is still time left, and Duke could prove to be that team, but I still think that Ohio State will sneak into consideration. How come we are so worried about other injuries but nobody cuts the Buckeyes a little slack for being without Evan Turner for six games?! Watch out for the Buckeyes. Full transcript

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