It's not quite 71 wins in a row, but the Mavericks continued their own streak Monday night with a 125-112 laugher against the Timberwolves (which may or may not be redundant).

With win No. 12 in a row, the Mavericks moved within one victory of the Cavaliers for the NBA's longest streak this season -- and their next two games come at home against the Nets and Knicks. More importantly, Mark Cuban's team also moved within three games of the Lakers at the top of the Western Conference standings. Dirk Nowitzki scored 24, Shawn Marion scored 29 and Jason Kidd dished out 10 assists against Minnesota. In short, the Mavericks looked pretty good.

But as familiar as we all are with Nowitzki, Marion and Kidd, does having three of the best players never to win a championship make the Mavericks easier or harder to buy as legitimate championship contenders?

Joe (CT)

Kenyon Martin is Hurt, Kobe is Hurt, Parker is Hurt in the West. Garnet is Hurt, Lebron is Hurt in the East. It looks like Dallas may have a great shot at the finals if they can stay healthy throughout the rest of the year, what are your thoughts.

Chris Sheridan
Chris Sheridan

Well, I would add the name Jason Terry to that list, and I'll have to see if Rodrigue Beaubois can sustain what he's brought offensively the past two games. If Terry has to play with protective goggles in the postseason, that could really hamper his game. Some guys just can't play with those things. Full transcript

Matt (Chicago)

Have you noticed the similarities between the 2004 Detroit championship team and this year's Dallas team? Mid-season trade improves team, key jump-shooting player will wear a facemask down the stretch, both had smart point guards and athletic big men. Should I put my next paycheck on Dallas to win the Finals?

J.A. Adande
J.A. Adande

You're focusing on the surface similarities and leaving out one HUGE difference: those 2004 Pistons played Secret Service-level defense. Could totally shut you down. The Mavericks are middle-of-the-pack defensively. So put your paycheck in a better investment. Or try to take advantage of the low mortgage rates right now. Full transcript

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