Ask not for whom the bubble bursts; it busts for you. But cheer up, Blacksburg, Va. Buck up, Champaign, Ill. Look on the bright side, Starkville, Miss. On second thought, if you live in aptly-named Starkville, we can't help you on the silver lining thing, sorry. The good news for basketball fans in those and a handful of other college towns is people are talking way more about your team this morning than they would have as another forgettable first-round loser with a No. 12 seed in the NCAA tournament.

And hey, at least you get a home game in the NIT.

The bracket of 65 is out, which means some team has to be No. 66 (and we're not talking about the NBDL's Tulsa 66ers). Bob Knight said the selection committee needed more basketball savvy. Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg proposed a set formula for awarding at-large bids. What's your take? Until the field expands to 96 teams, consider us your platform from which to rant about the unfairness of being squeezed off the bubble.


VT is still a second class citizen in the ACC. Same with Miami and BC. That should work itself out in another 7-10 years. All 10 win Big East teams are in, even carpet baggin ND. VT would have been if they could have won 10 in the Big East, no doubt.

-- wvu86psychrugger

Mississippi State and Virginia Tech should've gotten in over Florida. This years bracket seems too conspicuous and unbalanced to the point it looks like they forced matchups in hopes of getting the outcomes they want. RPI and seedings don't equate.

-- god_of_modesty

I agree with the mid-majors getting way too many at larges ... just because a George Mason or Gonzaga come by once every 5 years doesn't mean the others are worth a damn ... Big 6 had over 85% of the sweet sixteen over the last 5 years ... these chumps from mid-majors have all the opportunity to go on road or to nuetral site to scheduel top 100 teams...

-- ewolf22

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