When NFL owners meet, the earth trembles at their momentous decisions. What will be wrought from a conference of some of the most powerful people in sports? A radical realignment of football's divisions? The establishment of one or more new franchises? A new philosophical and moral system that will lead one to enlightenment in five easy steps?.

In this case, no. None of those things are being discussed, but change may still be afoot in the NFL. Roger Goodell and the owners are seriously considering changing the NFL's overtime rules in the playoffs. While the NFL has had some exciting finishes in years past, the fact remains that any team that wins the coin toss, regardless of talent, has a huge advantage; almost 60 percent of teams winning the initial toss ended up winning the game. Some of this may have to do with the improvement of NFL field goal kickers, but the most important question here is: How far should the NFL go? Is the current system fine, or should the overtime rules be changed across the board?


I really don't care how they change the rule. Just change the dam rule!

-- frozen_in_time

i weep for the death of sudden death overtime. goodell is going to give it legs for it to be pushed through... and football will have lost the one ultra masculine thing other "violent" sports just don't have: first to score in OT wins, loser goes home, end of game, end of story. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT?!?!

-- damoncornbread

The college football OT is the worst OT system ever devised. It's pathetic and shameful that they allow games to be decide with this method.

-- southie777

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