Hope springs eternal for the New York Mets, as Jose Reyes has been cleared for baseball activities. That's a fancy way of saying that he's healthy. For now.

Having Reyes -- not to mention Carlos Beltran -- healthy is a big deal for New York. Despite early predictions of contending last season, Reyes' 36-game season, plus Beltran's half-season and David Wright's sudden loss of anything resembling power led the Mets to a disastrous fourth-place finish in the NL East. Coming at the tail end of a recent history of collapses and disappointments, 2009 was just another psychological blow to a relatively long-suffering Mets fan base. Maybe Reyes' return will change early predictions regarding the NL East race; the current favorite doesn't have the word "Mets" anywhere in its name.


The Mets are handicapped with a right side of the infield that is basically non productive offensively!!! A lack of a #2 starter, a setup man in the BP and remaining healthy!!! Other than that.....!!! Hey, at least I'm honest!!!

-- openminded43

Which Met has the best chance to win the comeback player of the year? Oliver? Reyes? Can Beltran do it? Or does Maine put it all together and stays healthy? My guess is Reyes, as he smacks 25 triples all over Citi Field.

-- sludgeballa

Mets lineup going to rise and fall with Jose. We need him back good and healthy!

-- heyjacleu

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