Welll, that was ... creepy? Moving? Distasteful? Confusing? Can we just get back to juggling golf balls with a club?

As Tiger Woods prepares to make his return to competitive golf Thursday afternoon at the Masters, he's already back in the swing of things in terms of commercials, courtesy of a new spot from Nike. Shot in black and white, as seen above, the ad focuses on Tiger's face but uses words spoken by his late father, Earl Woods, that seem to address his personal issues.

A lot has been made of all the endorsements Tiger lost as a result of his interesting winter, but is this commercial a sign of a comeback? Let's face it, once we get beyond Augusta and the majors, commercials were where most of us who don't make a habit of watching the second round from the Buick something-or-other most often saw him.


Anyone who buys Nike because Tigers sells it is an idiot. Anyone who doesnt buy Nike because Tiger sells it is an even bigger idiot.

-- vectoreman

Are people really this blind? A manipulative ad to sell Nike's TW line. I always was under the impression that we the public shouldn't have knowledge of athlete's private lives, that they don't owe us an apology for things done personally, but that gets thrown out the window with this commercial. I mean Nike/TW are acknowledging his personal transgressions during the biggest/most watched golfing event. I guess nothing is sacred.

-- nilbog57

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