Joe Namath's predictions aren't quite as bold as they used to be, but when Broadway Joe talks Jets, we listen.

As Tim Graham noted in his AFC East blog, Namath stopped by SportsNation to chat as part of the launch of ESPN New York (three plugs in one sentence, a rarely seen trifecta shill). And while Namath guaranteed a win over the Colts in Super Bowl III, he didn't sound ready to guarantee the division to the Jets next season without a few more tweaks of the roster.

Reverend Bill (Lot 5A East ruthrford, NJ)

Joe, How do you feel about the Jets chances of making a deep run into the playoffs now that Sanchez is in his 2nd season with the backfield of LT and Greene? Are we still missing an edge rusher at DE and could that hurt us?

Joe Namath
Joe Namath

I think we need to improve to be a serious contender. Last season was a wonderful growth for the team. I believe the best thing we got out of last season as fans was optimism going into this coming season. The fact of the matter is the Patriots will be a challenge as well as the Dolphins. We haven't proved by any stretch that we are the best team in the eastern division. Full transcript

And Namath isn't the only person with ties to the Jets who has some concerns about the team's roster, or at least its potential roster. A regular SportsNation blogger, Goldbrick4, can't stomach the idea of bringing in Jason Taylor from the rival Dolphins.

  • "Ok, I didn't complain when the Jets let go Thomas Jones only to sign an over the hill LaDainian Tomlinson. But if the Jets sign Jason Taylor I will raise hell. First, this Taylor guy is an overrated-over-the-hill-never-was-loud mouth that will not improve the Jets defense, but likely hurt its progress. Second, Taylor is a Dolphin. Why would the Jets sign a player whose best years came as a member of pathetic Dolphin teams? The teams this Taylor guy was on were so bad, I don't think they could've beaten a high school football team in Florida." -- Read full post.
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